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KofaGO is an application that lists local farmers and producers. This way you can search farmers and buy products directly from them.

Set the products you are looking for before leaving home and set how many kilometers or how much time you are willing to travel for them. Based on your settings, the application offers nearby products you might be interested in.

Share your experiences about farmers and producers, and find all information about them on your phone. Check the prices and the list of available products before you visit a farmer.

Once everything is set, start your journey and stop for some fresh tomatoes, sausage, cake, flowers or anything you have previously set.

For Buyers

Find new vendors near your location or on the way with KofaGO. Set what products you are looking for and we’ll send a notification once it is available near you. For each sentinel you can set how many extra kilometers or minutes you are willing to drive. If you find a new Seller or you wish to share your secret favorite with everybody, there is an option for that.

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For Sellers

Are you selling a product or a service? KofaGO can put you on the map! Upload three products for free and share information about them with your customers. If a customer is looking for directions to you, we get notified immediately, and if you decide to call it a day, just press the button in the app. Gain popularity through Buyer reviews.

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The Team

We’ve been working together on projects for a long time and we all love discovering special ingredients and unique delicacies. When the idea of KofaGO came up, we were all ready to implement it. We put together our expertise from various fields and now we proudly present the reward of our hard work in this application.

Csató Csaba management
Twaróg Renata management
Dali Zsófia Panna marketing
Dali Bálint development
Kanalas Sándor development